Monday, April 16, 2007

The Blogging Experience

My first blogging experience was very different than any other writing I have done in my journalism classes. This assignment was much more open because you had to find your own voice and take a stand on the topics you discussed. There isn't a specific formula for blog writing, you have to figure it out as you progress. I think reading other blogs from my classmates and on the web served as a guide to me as a first time writer.

I decided to write about health and fitness in relation to college life and more specifically Northeastern University. I picked this subject because it is interesting to me, but I initially had a hard time coming up with four or five topics to write about each week. The last month I was more successful at thinking up original and creative ideas. At first I only covered posts directly related to working out, physical fitness, or eating well. In the beginning, I narrowed the spectrum of what I could discuss too closely and there wasn't enough to post several times a week.

I also was sick on and off since January, so this made classes more challenging in general. At one point I considered taking a leave of absence because I was getting so behind on my academics. Fortunately, I have a week left and I'm glad I stuck it out, but it definitely was a long semester. It was ironic I decided to write about health because I struggled health wise the past couple of months. I definitely learned some cool, random facts and I'm glad I stuck with this topic. I think that the more I blogged, the better my topics and writing were. I see a big difference from January to April. I think this is mostly because I found a natural way to express my views and opinions in combination with valuable information from outside sources.

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