Thursday, April 12, 2007

Have Great Posture!

I found a really informative health blog at It discusses a wide range of topics from fighting stress to rebuilding your immune system.

A post about posture caught my eye. There are 8 important reasons to have great posture:

1. Portrays a better, more confident image
2. Breathing becomes easier and deeper
3. Improves circulation and digestion
4. Makes you look slimmer and younger
5. Your voice will sound better
6. Help your muscles and joints
7. Change your frame of mind
8. Healthy Spine

As I was reading the article I became very aware of my posture and tried to sit up straight. Many of us naturally have great posture, but if you're tall like me you may tend to slump over a little. After reading this post, I will definitely be more conscious of it and remind myself to sit up straight and tall.

According to 8 Reasons to Have Great Posture : "People are often asked to sit up straight. This rarely has permanent effect because by the time someone needs to be reminded to do so, their body has adapted to be more comfortable in the slouching position. When they attempt to sit up “straight” they actually tighten the already over-shortened frontal muscles and tendons and this causes restrictions in the ease of breathing volume; tightening these muscles even slightly to make oneself more erect causes tightness in the entire upper body and reduces the ease of deeper breathing."

Clearly, it doesn't look right if you're hunched over your computer or plate at the dinner table. I never considered the effect your posture has on breathing or the muscles in your body. Not slouching also promotes maintaining a healthy spine and back. This makes sense, but I guess I never considered this when someone says sit up straight or don't slouch. The most obvious reason to have good posture is because it looks better and portrays confidence. Sitting up straight can change your frame of mind as well. When we're happy we tend to sit up very tall. Next time you're feeling stressed or unhappy remind yourself to sit up straight.

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