Monday, January 29, 2007


It's funny I decided to write a blog on the topic of health and fitness. I plan to discuss ways to stay in shape, fun ideas for working out, tips on fighting the flu and colds, healthy and simple recipe ideas, and how to keep your immune system strong during the winter. The ironic part is that I have been sick myself the last several weeks. I haven't had the typical cold, sore throat, and cough, but have felt very exhausted. Hopefully, once I am 100% better, I can use everything I have written about to keep myself healthy! Life is harder, when you're not feeling well. There are a great deal of tasks to complete in one day: homework, classes, errands, work, food shopping, laundry, and the list goes on. Being sick slows you down significantly. That's why it's important to make the extra effort and prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Food Network

If you go to, they offer a number fast dinner ideas. For those of you tired of eating the cafeteria food and aren't talented cooks, they offer some good suggestions. There's a section which tells you the best fruits and vegetables to get during the winter season and then recipes to go along with them. Part of staying healthy is definitely eating right. The site has a section with twenty-five winter wellness recipes, which I thought was pretty cool. Not only can you stay healthy, but cooking could be a fun indoor activity. The Food Network also recommends the "Top Ten Foods for Better Health": berries, citrus, vegetables, wholes grains, salmon, legumes (beans, peas, nuts, and lentils), nuts, seeds, lean proteins, tea, and olive oil. You can easily find recipes for all the foods on the list within the website. I haven't tried any recipes yet, but I definitely plan to. I'll keep you updated on the ones I reccomend!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Winter Wellness

When I think of this weekend's weather, two words come to mind. ABSOLUTELY FREEZING!!! Smart people opted to spend their Friday inside, where it's nice and warm. My friends and I still went out, but decided the walk to the T-stop would be too painful. So, we took a cab out and back home. Our formerly mild winter has taken a turn for the worst. Temperatures in the low single digits combined with a wind chill make it brutal to step outside.

It is important to dress warm and take the necessary steps to avoid getting sick! All Boston students still have to walk from destination to destination, regardless of the outside conditions. Dressing appropriately, meaning don't walk to the gym in shorts, (no matter how tough you are) is a good rule to live by. Wash your hands often, rest when you're sick, wear a hat, and take your vitamins. The following sites offer useful tips on how to survive winter:,1072,0_312_3683,00.html

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Health Tips

"He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything."-Arabian Proverb

I found an interesting article about improving your health at The article discusses ten ways to be a healthier person. Some of the tips are common sense, while others are ideas I never considered. For example, they mention there is a direct connection with living a long life and flossing your teeth frequently. Who would have known?! Other suggestions are more obvious: Don't drink excessively. This could be a potential problem for some college students because a majority of the social scene is linked to drinking and alcohol. The article encouraged people to have a positive mental outlook because there's a strong connection between living well and thinking positively. The best way to stay active is to choose the stairs rather than taking the elevator. Everyone knows the elevator is a tempting option, even if you only live on the third floor!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Fitness Classes

The Marino Center offers group fitness classes as well. There are cardio, muscle conditioning, cardio and muscle conditioning, pilates, yoga, cycle and cardiobox classes. The schedule varies from month to month, but classes are offered seven days a week. The fee is fifty dollars for the semester and you're allowed to take an unlimited number of classes. Just some food for thought!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Intramural Sports

Northeastern's registration for spring intramural sports has a deadline of February 23. The following sports teams are offered:

1. 3-on-3 Basketball
2. 5-on-5 Basketball
3. 6-on-6 Volleyball
4. Co-ed Broomball
5. Co-ed Dodgeball
6. Ice Hockey
7. Indoor Soccer
8. Mini Lacrosse

Check out for more information. I think intramural sports are a fun way to stay active if you don't like working out by yourself or can't stand running on the treadmill. I played intramural basketball last year and I really liked it. The players are enthusiastic, but not overly competitive. You have the option of forming your own team and then registering. If you don't have friends you want to play with, you can sign yourself up as a free agent and a team will pick you up. There is also a option on Northeastern's Campus Recreation site to search for a tennis, squash or raquetball partner. People can post messages about their skill level and leave their email if anyone is interested in playing. I never saw this before and I thought it was a neat idea. The Marino Center offers alot of activities and outlets for staying fit and expanding your social network simultaneously.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


My name is Ami and I am a junior, journalism major at Northeastern University. I have chosen to focus my blog on health and fitness, more specifically incorporating these ideas into a busy college lifestyle. Sometimes it is difficult to find a balance between, work, school, studying, social activities, exercising, eating right, and getting enough rest. I think everyone is always looking for new ideas and advice about staying fit, losing weight, getting in shape, and most importantly living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

During the wintertime in Boston, the frigid weather makes you want to hibernate indoors until the spring. The hardest part about going to the Marino Center to work out is battling the cold. Also, you don't always have enough time to work out as often as you would like. I want to offer workout ideas you can do in your dorm or apartment and fun ways to stay active. I hope to suggest pointers to make the most out the time you do spend at the gym.

Two good websites to look at are and They have a variety of articles and information on getting fit and eating healthy.